Welcome to Canine NOSE

Welcome to Canine NOSE.

Canine NOSE is a canine training institute located in Sappemeer, the Netherlands owned by trainer/ instructor Minke van den Bergh.  Minke's vast experience as a lecturer in Animal Husbandry & Training for Terra Agricultural College combined with her progressive and scienced-based approach to dog training has resulted in taking Canine Scent Detection to a next level within the Netherlands.

Minke enjoys consulting and training with the Scandinavian Working Dog Institute (SWDI) and has completed their 1 year Scent Detection Course for Professional Detection Dog handlers in 2020 and their . Master Trainer Course for Professional K9 Trainers in 2022.

Mission Statement:

We teach, train and assess Sport & Professional K9 teams. We strive for excellence and  are passionate about doing so with integrity. We aim for high quality using science-based principles while we maintain a fun filled approach to training.