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We also offer correspondence (online) modules to those who wish to learn the theory & practice without traveling away from home, yet are dedicated to learning the art and craft of (scent) dog training. These modules are not a substitute for the practical experience gained through our hands-on modules, though they are designed to be as thorough as possible.

Below is an overview of our ONLINE modules related to Scent Detection that we currently give.  

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These modules should be considered building blocks of basic skills needed as a K9 Detection Handler (K9DH). (The "O" stands for online). These skills include:

  • Motivation, Rewarding and Basic Indication Training (Module O-K9DH-1.1)
  • Indication Training for Scent Detection (Module O-K9DH-1.2)
  • Systematic Searching Basic Skills PART 1 (Module O-K9DH-2.1)
  • Systematic Searching Basic Skills PART 2 (Module O-K9DH-2.2)
  • Systematic Searching Advanced Skills PART 1 (Module O-K9DH-3.1)
  • Systematic Searching Advanced Skills PART 2 (Module O-K9DH-3.2)
  • Scent Imprinting  (Module O-K9DH-4.1)
  • ‎Transferring Skills (Module O-K9DH-4.2)

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Scent Detection

In the modules above, the following is included:

  • 6 one-on-one lessons (1 hour), real time online
  • Ongoing participation in online platform, with other attendees of the same module
  • Certificate of participation per module 
  • Duration of module: 2 months, in which all 6 one-on-one lessons need to be used
  • Start course: every 1st day of the specified month
  • Price: €325,-