K9DH-3 Systematic Search Advanced Skills

This module focusses on teaching the dog to transfer the skills from brick walls and line ups to searching vehicles and buildings.

During this module we will emphasize the use of progression plans.  We will practice setting goals and subgoals. To start we will do this for single behaviours. After that we will do this for multiple behaviours that are then chained together. This will lead us to being able to plan our training for behaviour chains that are complex, such as in scenario based training.

Duration:  6 contact days + online coaching inbetween contact days.
Price: €650,-
Location: K9NOSE Headquarters


We give combinations of courses, seminars or lectures at our facility or on other locations upon request. 


We also offer correspondence (online) courses to those who wish to learn the theory & practice without traveling away from home, yet are dedicated to learning the art and craft of (scent) dog training. These courses are not a substitute for the practical experience gained through our hands-on modules, though they are designed to be as thorough as possible.



Please send inquiries to canine.nose@gmail.com