K9 NOSE Courses

We offer our modules and correspondence hands-on as well as online. The online version of our modules are for those who wish to learn the theory & practice without traveling away from home, yet are dedicated to learning the art and craft of (scent) dog training. 

Below is an overview of our modules related to (Scent) Dog Training that we currently give.  

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The first 8 modules should be considered building blocks of basic skills needed as a K9 Detection Handler (K9DH). These skills include:

  1. Motivation, Rewarding and Basic Indication Training (Module K9DH-1.1)
  2. Indication Training for Scent Detection (Module K9DH-1.2)
  3. Systematic Searching Basic Skills: PART 1 (Module K9DH-2.1)
  4. Systematic Searching Basic Skills PART 2 (Module K9DH-2.2)
  5. Systematic Searching Advanced Skills PART 1 (Module K9DH-3.1)
  6. Systematic Searching Advanced Skills PART 2 (Module K9DH-3.2)
  7. Scent Imprinting & Sense of smell Theory  (Module K9DH-4.1)
  8. ‎Transferring Skills (Module O-K9DH-4.2)

The following modules are to be completed next to or after the handeler course and considered neccessary for those who would like to instruct future (Sport) Detection Dog handlers:

  1. Theory behind Scent Detection Training (Module K9DI-1)
  2. Psychology & Didactics in Scent Detection Training (Module K9DI-2)
  3. Assessing the K9 Detection Team (Module K9DI-3)

The module typically starts the first day of the month. Participants are expected to devote one hour per day for the training. We use online platforms for the training. As a participant you get a progression plan with a video clip of us showing the goal of each step. This will be discussed during each of the 6 one hour sessions you need to book in advance. During these sessions you have the opportunity to show us how the excercise is going either hands-on at our facility or via your own made clips, online. During each session, theory will be discussed and provided in handouts.


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K9NOSE Courses

K9NOSE Scent Detection Education

K9 Detection Handler

K9 Detection Instructor (Sport)

In the modules above, the following is included:

  • 6 one-on-one lessons (1 hour), hands-on OR real time online
  • Ongoing participation in online platform, with other attendees of the same module
  • Certificate of participation per module 
  • Duration of module: 2 months, in which all 6 one-on-one lessons need to be used
  • Start course: every 1st day of the specified month
  • Price: €325,-